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GO willing to put Knob Hill deal back on track

If the right price were to come along, Metrolinx says it would still be willing to purchase the Knob Hill Farms site in Oshawa and potentially turn it into a GO station.

This statement comes after representatives from Metrolinx initially stated negotiations were off.

“We are not seeking acquisition at 500 Howard Street,” Malon Edwards, a media relations and issues specialist with Metrolinx told The Express on Nov. 14. “We were unable to come to terms with the property owner on a purchase price.”

Now, however, Edwards says, “We are willing and pleased to come back to the table,” should they reach an agreement on price.

“Metrolinx was in negotiations with the property owner for quite some time regarding the potential purchase of 500 Howard Street, formerly known as Knob Hill Farms. After extensive negotiations, we were unable to reach an agreement with the property owner on an acceptable purchase price,” Metrolinx says in a new statement. “It is our opinion that the offering price proposed by the property owner does not reflect the fair market value of the property. Should the property owner wish to submit a revised proposal that more closely reflects the fair market value of the property, Metrolinx would be pleased to resume negotiations.”

The Knob Hill Farms site is one of several locations that are being considered for a station.

“The  Environmental  Assessment, which was approved by the Minister of the Environment, detailed five preferred potential stations in Durham Region – Thornton’s Corner, Oshawa, Grandview, Darlington, and Bowmanville GO stations,” the statement continues. “It should be noted that funding has not yet been identified for constructing this portion of the rail expansion project.”

The “GO Train Service Expansion Program – Oshawa West to Oshawa East Study” was initiated in December 1993, and received approval in 1994.

The current GO/Via Rail station on Bloor Street is intended to become a VIA station only.


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