DurhamREI Speaks About the Club:

Just wanted to say that I’ve attended two of your meetings now and both times were very informative.
It’s great to have meetings of this caliber in the Durham area.

Finally, thank you for the great deal you put together with Rent Check, this will definitely come in handy.

Regards Mark Beech


Durham REI means a lot to me. I love meeting with like-minded people and sharing the good and bad stories. I have gained a lot of knowledge and value from listening to our key note speakers and special guests.

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this on a monthly basis.

Much appreciated.



Shannon and I really enjoyed the meeting. She has been extremely curious about the group since I came home so motivated from February’s meeting. We have talked for years about making the jump from our contracting business into Real Estate investment. We are surrounded everyday by people who are currently investors but for many different reasons, had yet to commit to taking the plunge ourselves.

As a past president of a large Durham BNI group, I knew the power that can be generated by surrounding yourself with liked minded, motivated people. We had tried to be part of a start up network group but were disappointment in the business acumen of the others. Durham REI is perfect for us. It reminds me in some ways of a quality network marketing organization in which everyone is technically in competition with each other but they also realize that there is enough business to go around and more good is done by supporting each other, then hoarding information. The quality of the members of Durham REI, their commitment to success, their willingness to accept new members combined with their extreme diversity make this the ideal place for new investors to learn and grow.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part the process. As of May 1, we will have made the transition from talking about an investment, to being part of one. Hopefully that is just the beginning.

Thanks again,

David Crosby


I am always looking to add to my growing knowledge base as a real estate agent and as a investor. The last meeting was certainly useful with respect to the wealth of information the speakers had to share with us and the quality of the information. I am looking forward to our next meeting and seeing who you have come up with. Many thanks for putting it together.

Susan Bach


That was a big success last night. Speakers were wonderful. Members were so involved and eager to ask questions. Everyone was connected!



I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Quentin, past guest speakers and the members of The Durham REI for their advice, time and support. I joined the group about a year ago and have come to value our meetings together. I’ve since learned that real estate investing is a challenge, but one that everyday people can do when they have the right information, contacts and mindset.

I’ve been surprised at the range of investor experience we have who are all wonderful and supportive. Meeting investors face-to-face has removed my preconception that investors are greedy, snobby and living at a level I could never attain. They are, rather, regular hard working people with great attitudes and goals.

Since joining The Durham REI group I’ve purchased two single family houses, have recently met some contacts to help me buy a couple more; taking me several leaps towards my goal of leaving behind the 9-5 and spending more time with my family. I hope I’ll soon have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned to others looking to make their lives better through real estate.

Steve White

Durham REI member
Cashflow investor


This group is a fabulous wealth of knowledge for those of you that are interested in investing in the Durham Region.

Trudi Johnston


Attending the Durham REI meetings is a great forum to share experiences, tips, and advice with other landlords. Learning from others’ experiences and mistakes is SOOOO critical for the success of a landlord, and having the opportunity to befriend other landlords in the Durham area is such a valuable opportunity to get ideas to improve and streamline your real estate business. Being a landlord in Durham can be daunting, but it’s great to have the Durham REI group to lean on for support, education, and advice.

Thanks for everything,



Just wanted to thank you and all the other supporters for their time and efforts for making last weeks meeting a great success.

My wife and I attend the club meetings as much as we can. We are new to real estate investing, and we find the Durham Real Estate Investor Club very educational and informative.

We also enjoy meeting other investors and exchanging ideas and our thoughts. The guest speakers presenting bring a lot of valuable information to all attending.

On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to thank you for your hard work and generosity with your time, energy and enthusiasm.

We encourage you to keep up the great work with the Durham Real Estate Investors Club.

Thank you once again and happy investing!!!

Kind regards,

Harry and Hinti Pandelides


I would like to thank you for organizing the Durham REI meetings, as they have provided a great amount of benefit to me. Aside from creating a great opportunity to network with other like-minded investors and real estate professionals, I find the presenters always provide some new and useful learning that I can add to my arsenal of knowledge. I find that a lot of what I learn from Durham REI is applicable to my entire investing portfolio, plus I get great Durham regions specific information.




Excellent presenters….they seem to be getting better every month. To be able to attend such a gathering every month for basically free with no obligation and to get so much out of it…you don’t get that kind of deal too much anymore. I really enjoy it and will continue to attend. Your time and effort on these sessions is much appreciated….thank you!



“You had me at hello”.  I remember my very first Durham REI meeting in December of … 2016?  2017?  Wow!  I learned so much and was so inspired and uplifted by the energy in the room, and so very impressed with you and your easy style at the front of the room on that one night …. I signed up right away.
I’ve not attended any events during the 2022 season (now that they are finally back in-person).  The content you provide is top notch and the education portion you offer is worth far more than I’ve ever paid for it! (Loved the Landlording course!!) And, of course, I have all of your books.

Debbie Gilbert

DurhamREI Member for Five Years

DurhamREI Has Been Amazing for Me

A Lot of Our Relationships Came from Durham REI

I Never Thought I Would ‘Retire’ at 32 , But It Feels Great!

I wanted to write to you and say thanks so much for everything you have done for me personally and in business.  I have made more money in real estate over the last 5 than I ever thought I would in my entire life … I paid off my mortgage on my house, quit my full time job and started my own eCommerce business…I don’t see myself returning to “work” again.  I never thought I would ‘retire’ at 32 , but it feels great.

Tim Cordeiro www.norasnursery.com

Skeptical At First – Now 8 Years Later
It’s Truly The Highlight of My Month!

I started coming to Durham REI meetings 8 years ago, and thought it was a good networking spot, but I wasn’t sure how much I would learn.

It is truly the highlight of my month!  I get education, networking, and hearing speaker’s new ideas and thoughts.

Last year, I bought 3 properties by December, as I had people at Durham REI meetings tell me a hadn’t bought in a while.

I recommend attending DurhamREI meetings, all the time.

Michael DominguezInvestor and RealtorWhitby, Ontario


Practical, Relevant, Expert Information
Well Worth Your Time

Left with great practical information to prepare and protect myself, and met some great folks at the same time.  I got 110% of what I was hoping for when I arrived.

I loved the interaction with the members of the audience, and praise for those who have purchased a property in the last month.

Speakers were experienced, relevant, and inspiring.

As an investor with over 10 years’ experience in investing in real estate it was definitely worth my travel from Barrie.

Susan White LivermoreFounder, Liberty Property SolutionsBarrie, Ontario

I Created Wealth & Think Bigger Now
Attending Is An Exceptional Value

Since I started coming to the DurhamREI meetings 8 years ago, my mind has expanded, and I think bigger.

I have created wealth for myself, flexibility of time, and am easily able to spend time with my family.

Durham REI is an exceptional source for learning about wealth creation through real estate.  And is an exceptional value.

Aaron MooreMulti-Award Winning Real Estate InvestorToronto, Ontario