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Achieve Your Goals By Facing Your Fears Using These 7 Steps

I hope that you have somebody in your life that can help you to focus on your successes, and not just push you to achieve your goals. I have had many mentors and coaches over the years, which I have truly appreciated. I had a great conversation with my business coach today. He has many […]

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Why Do You Feel Like You Are Never Getting Ahead With Your Mutual Funds?

The financial services industry is huge and they have a multi-billion-dollar marketing machine behind them. I often find people accept what they are being told instead of trying to dig a little deeper and find out what is really going on behind the numbers and behind what is being said. I want to expose one […]

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The Elimination of Private Rental Housing in Ontario: Financing (Part 1)

With vacancy rates less than 1% in most areas in the Greater Toronto Area and rents increasing across the province, politicians are facing a real challenge. Over the coming weeks I will share some insights into different areas of the private rental housing industry with a series of articles that focus on the Ontario and […]

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How Does a Seasoned Real Estate Investor Approach Risk?

Risk is one of the most misunderstood terms when discussing investing in any asset class. If you can understand what risk means, you will see as I have seen, that seasoned real estate investors are one of the least risky investors. If you were to ask someone what they needed to do in order to […]

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The Seven Deadly Real Estate Investment Sins

Real estate investors can be hurt by mistaken beliefs around achieving success through investing in real estate. There are certain beliefs that real estate investors who have achieved wealth in the $10 – $100 million net worth range, that they don’t share with others. The most damaging of those beliefs are included here. By understanding […]

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Purchase or Pass: Making the Right Decision

Common wisdom says don’t fall in love with a property. Unfortunately, many of us, including seasoned investors, fall into the trap of falling in love with (what we perceive to be) a must-have, unbeatable, one-of-a-kind property. In our minds, this is the property of our dreams; if we could add it to our portfolio, we’ll […]

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Why Real Estate?

I have often been asked why I focus my investments in real estate – why not stocks or options or bonds.  There are many different benefits to investing in real estate.  I thought I would focus on different aspects of what makes real estate a good investment.  Each area is a part of what makes […]

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My $25,000 Dollar Mistake

Unfortunately, when you make a mistake in real estate, the stakes are usually much higher than in many other businesses. Sometimes you need to re-evaluate your filtering strategy or your legal documents to ward off costly blunders, while other times you need to look at your referral network or advertising strategy. We invest time in doing our […]

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Looking at Migration Patterns In Toronto

A great source for statistics that I use is “The Daily” from Statistics Canada.  The daily statistics source gives you some fairly odd statistics that you will have to sift through to get to the gold.  A great little nugget come through the other day, that wasn’t really suprising but confirms what we see is […]

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Suggested Reading: The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy

Do All Millionaires Drive Fancy Cars? When I was a younger man I heard a great story about the owner of a large car company that has stuck with me all my life.  This owner would drive his 20 year-old truck to work everyday.  I’m sure he could have had a limousine and a driver […]

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