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The Durham Real Estate Investor club began in 2008, with four people who met in a coffee shop. Now we regularly see 120-150 members and guests at each of our meetings.  The people who show up to meetings are Action Takers®, and don’t simply talk the talk.  A survey recently revealed Durham REI members and guests easily invested in over $541,820,000 of real estate assets and growing.

92% Own Rental Properties – Average Properties Owned is 4 – 50% are Real Estate Millionaires

This Is The Best Place To Meet People Who Are Successful In Real Estate Investing and Can Help You!

Whether you are just starting your journey, have been investing for a few years, or are a well seasoned real estate investor the Durham Real Estate Investor Club has many benefits to you.

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Be Surrounded by and learn from Regular People Like You, Who Are Successful Real Estate Investors Willing to Share Their Secret Succeses and Failures to Help You Become a Smart Real Estate Investor 

We draw in great keynote speakers and have focused networking around issues and needs that arise when real estate investing.  Each month the group gets larger and larger, and discussions get richer and richer.

Our meetings go something like this.

We start with a hot topics of interest to real estate investors everywhere, then we have one or two keynote speakers, sometimes we have panel discussions, we then have a Q and A where we can deep dive into relevant topics, perhaps we share something that we have learned in the last month or a burning question we have with the group. Finally, we end the evening networking with the goal of meeting new people, and improving your real estate business.










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Benefits of the Durham Real Estate Investor Club

1. Network

Network with like minded people focused on the Durham Region

2. Educate

Get educated from a wide range of speakers on talks of interest to Real Estate Investors

3. Support

Get peer support for Real Estate Investors to help their business grow

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Comments About the Durham Real Estate Investors Club

Attending the Durham REI meetings is a great forum to share experiences, tips, and advice with other landlords.

Learning from others’ experiences and mistakes is SOOOO critical for the success of a landlord, and having the opportunity to befriend other landlords in the area is such a valuable opportunity to get ideas to improve and streamline your real estate business.

Being a landlord can be daunting, but it’s great to have the Durham REI to lean on for support, education, and advice.

George Fung Maple, Ontario

I would like to thank you for organizing the Durham REI meetings, as they have provided a great amount of benefit to me.

Aside from creating a great opportunity to network with other like-minded investors and real estate professionals, I find the presenters always provide some new and useful learning that I can add to my arsenal of knowledge.

I find that a lot of what I learn from Durham REI is applicable to my entire investing portfolio, plus I get great Durham regions specific information.

Terry Lewandowski Toronto, Ontario

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