Getting Started

If you are new to Investing in Real Estate: Welcome and keep reading as this is the perfect place for you to get started.

You may have watched a number of TV shows or read a few books about different creative ways that you can buy or finance properties.

Yes you can:

  • You can buy properties with no money down using various levels of financing.
  • You can assign properties to other investors and take a fee, often referred to as wholesaling properties.
  • You can use lease options to leverage other peoples mortgages or rent to own a home to a tenant buyer, all using options.
  • You can buy a run down property and fix it up, and then sell it for a large profit.
  • You can even use Agreement’s for Sale that allow you to defer the purchase of a property years in the future while still benefit from renting out the property.

You will meet real people that are doing these strategies at a DurhamREI meeting.  Most of these strategies are more advanced than a person who is just starting out can handle. You need to understand both the pros and the cons of each strategy.

But if you are determined enough to learn it, you will find DurhamREI members that are already doing it.  These are the best people to learn from, not a book or a late night course by another guru, but actual investors that are in the streets using these strategies today.

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Real Estate is different from other investments, in that you can derive profits from it in many ways different ways.  Click on each of the titles below and discover the 9 profit centers that make up real estate investments.


Real estate is a physical asset where you use the banks money to increase your return on investment. With a 20% down payment, your investments are significantly increased.

Positive Cash Flow

Real estate allows you to gain additional income that keeps pace with inflation.


House prices keep pace or exceed the inflation rate. As house prices increase so does the value of real estate.

Principal Reduction

Over time the principal is reduced with mortgage payments, increasing your equity in the property.


Physical assets help to diversify your portfolio.

Create Wealth

Real estate values continues to increase over the long term, while the debt associated with the property decreases.


Anyone can buy real estate. It can be a shelter in more ways than one.


The value of real estate can increase significantly with the right renovations.

Deductable, Depreciable and Deferrable

There are many tax benefits that come with real estate investing.

“Durham REI is the information hub of real estate investing.”

Phlipe Alberigo (23 years old with 4 properties and growing)

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Holding rental properties is a simple process and it can enable you to create wealth.  BUT before we move on, I want you to have some realistic expectations:

  1. If you are telling yourself that you don’t have to do any work to earn income from rental property you will sadly be mistaken.  It just ain’t going to happen.
  2. If I get a property manager then it will be passive income.  If you think that that you don’t have to manage your property you are again mistaken.  You are asking for trouble.

Once you do get things going on rental properties, you have built a team of people around you, and you have put solid systems in place you can manage a property in less than a couple hours a month.  When you come out to DurhamREI meetings you will find others who have already done this.

Or you can partner with an experienced investor, and have them do all the work for you.

If you are just starting out and you need to learn the basics of real estate investing signup for the free 12 week email course on buying your first rental property.

There are a number of different creative real estate strategies that you can use in real estate investing that will help you to create cash in the short run.

Unfortunately, it isn’t something that you are going to learn in a 3 hour meeting or learn from just one person. You will need to spend time on building relationships with people, money on educating yourself on how to use these strategies, you will need to have the right team of people around you, and most of all it requires lots of ACTION.

When you come out to a DurhamREI meeting there will be members who are focused on making money now using a variety of real estate strategies.  Make sure to introduce yourself to them.

Real estate investing seems to be clear and easy when you take courses, going to seminars and socializing with other investors. Then, it becomes frustrating and drains you when you start chasing that investment property for a year or so. Finally, when you find it and get your offer accepted – lots of issues come up and you have to deal with them quick enough to close the deal.

This is the crucial time when you really need someone whose been through this already, who can navigate you through the storm of the events!

Thank you for creating REI Club and keep the wind that help us sailing!!!….and driving after night shift from Toronto to Oshawa in a rush hour to listen to you and your guest speakers ~ it must be good!!! 🙂

Larysa Gorlova 

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