Do you ever go to Real Estate Events because of the networking at the back?

Not because you are being rude, but because you have heard the same information again and again.

You know the power that one new piece of advice or bit of information can double or triple your business, but most places you don’t learn a darn thing because they only cater to new investors.

As a seasoned investor with 200+ doors, it is often a challenge to find value attending local real estate meetings.

That’s not the case with Durham REI. This club with it’s 100+ monthly attendees offers it all.

From the professional presenters and services providers, the ability to find joint venture partners, group discounts on services, important information for landlords, and incredible networking makes it always worth attending.

Andrew Brennan Brennan Property Investments

You feel like you are always giving and never able to get much out of these real estate events, after attending so many of them.

Join the Durham Real Estate Investor Club and that feeling will change.

I know that I always come away with something new from every Durham Real Estate Investor meeting, and you will too!

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