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Three Levels of Real Estate Investors

Having met thousands of real estate investors over the years and seen so many come and go. I have found that there are three levels of investors. Level 1 – Wanna Be Real Estate Investor These investors have many ideas but they rarely take any action on getting everything off the ground. They keep looking […]

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The Risk of Diversification

Ignorance is a risk Lack of control is a risk Not knowing how to add value is a risk Getting investment advice from those who get a commission from selling the investment is a risk Deworsification is a risk The average parent tell their children to learn a trade, get a college, or university degree […]

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Phases of Real Estate Investing

Many investors go through three distinct phases while investing in real estate. Of course this will depend on your goals. For example if they are planning on using the funds as their primary income source. How these investors do their purchases and think of investing is quite different and distinct, depending on the phase that […]

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Getting To A Yes

One of the things that I have noticed between successful Real Estate Investors compared to those who don’t succeed is their ability to get to a yes. They continue to persist and persist until they get to an outcome that they are happy with. Many who invest in real estate accept what they’re told and […]

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Achieve Your Goals By Facing Your Fears Using These 7 Steps

I hope that you have somebody in your life that can help you to focus on your successes, and not just push you to achieve your goals. I have had many mentors and coaches over the years, which I have truly appreciated. I had a great conversation with my business coach today. He has many […]

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