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The Elimination of Private Rental Housing in Ontario: Financing (Part 1)

With vacancy rates less than 1% in most areas in the Greater Toronto Area and rents increasing across the province, politicians are facing a real challenge. Over the coming weeks I will share some insights into different areas of the private rental housing industry with a series of articles that focus on the Ontario and […]

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Looking at Migration Patterns In Toronto

A great source for statistics that I use is “The Daily” from Statistics Canada.  The daily statistics source gives you some fairly odd statistics that you will have to sift through to get to the gold.  A great little nugget come through the other day, that wasn’t really suprising but confirms what we see is […]

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MPAC says it’s seen an 18 percent increase in property values in Ontario

Ontario home owners will be receiving their assessment this fall. According to the province’s Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, there’s been an 18 percent spike in the value of homes since the 2008 assessment. Chief Assessor Larry Hummel says in the GTA, the increase can partly be blamed on the influx of immigrants, as well as […]

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Ontario Caps Rent Increase Guideline

McGuinty Government Stabilizing Rent Increase Guideline To Protect Tenants The passage of the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act will cap the maximum amount most landlords can increase a sitting tenant’s rent during the year at 2.5 per cent. Tenants will benefit from more predictable and stable rents so they have safe and affordable housing. For landlords, […]

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Ontario economy expected to rise

Ontario’s economy will grow 2 percent in 2011, and up 2.3 percent in 2012, according to a report released Monday by the RBC. The modest increase is in spite of a slowdown earlier in the year. Economist Craig Wright says growth is dependency is based on zero slippage in the European Debt Crisis. http://www.durhamradionews.com/archives/37970

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Ontario Moves To Cap Rent Increases

McGuinty Government Proposes To Stabilize Rent Increase Guideline To Protect Tenants Legislation to be introduced today would, if passed, ensure that the annual Rent Increase Guideline is capped at 2.5 per cent to protect tenants and families. The proposed changes would also ensure that the annual Rent Increase Guideline never falls below one per cent. […]

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