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Beware – Dangerous Leverage Can Cause Bankruptcy

One of the power tools of Real Estate Investors is Leverage. This power tool can be used to create wealth quickly, but if used inappropriately, it can cause you to […]

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How Real Estate Investor’s Can Use Creative Financing To Get A New Vehicle For Free

Real estate investors are creative bunch of people, particularly when it comes to financing. At the September Durham REI meeting, I shared how I used creative financing in order to […]

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There are Lots of Ways to Make Money in Real Estate

When you are looking at real estate as an investment vehicle sometimes you get locked into a particular point of view. It can come from your background or the education […]

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Mutual Funds or Real Estate – Which gives you the Best Return on Investment?

The debate whether you should invest in mutual funds  or real estate to get the best return on your investment, is one that has carried on for decades.  The challenge […]

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