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Looking at Migration Patterns In Toronto

A great source for statistics that I use is “The Daily” from Statistics Canada.  The daily statistics source gives you some fairly odd statistics that you will have to sift through to get to the gold.  A great little nugget come through the other day, that wasn’t really suprising but confirms what we see is happening across the Durham region.

Study: Migration from central to surrounding municipalities in Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver

The study from 2001 to 2005 looked at trends for people aged 25-44, the time when people are establishing familes and buying their first homes.  They are moving out of the central core city into the outter municapilities.  The people that are most likely to move out are new parents, people with a college or a bachelor’s degree and those with after-tax family incomes between $70,000 and $99,999.

Just to re-iterate these are the people who are buying their first homes, who have been consistently moving out of the city core.

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