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Using Real Estate for Financial Independence (Retirement)

A lot of the articles that I have seen that talk about using real estate for retirement usually comes from people who focus on investing in the stock market or […]

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Sell Some Assets and Private Lend the Money for Financial Independence (Retirement)

Some investors who have gained financial independence continue to keep some properties in order to hedge against inflation and continue to provide growth of their asset base over time. Private […]

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Convert Real Estate Portfolio Into a REIT or Fund for Inter-generational Wealth and for Financial Independence (Retirement)

This particular strategy is one that I have heard from family offices and high net worth individuals who have created a medium to large portfolio of properties. They will either […]

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VTB Mortgages on Apartment Buildings then Private Mortgages for Financial Independence (Retirement)

I’ve purchased apartment buildings from owners directly and indirectly through Realtors who we’re interested in providing financing on those buildings as they had paid them off or had them nearly […]

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Sell Some Assets and Pay Off the Rest for Financial Independence (Retirement)

I have heard this strategy a number of times mostly at meetings through the Real Estate Investment Network back in 2008 and 2009. The various speakers talked about “Selling theDogs […]

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Cash Flow from your Property Portfolio for Financial Independence (Retirement)

When we talk about cash flow it’s important to also get an understanding of the different types of real estate markets out there. Some people categorize a market as a […]

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Sell All Assets and Invest in Lower Return Investments for Financial Independence (Retirement)

This seems to happen with investors who get frustrated with real estate and tenants in general.  I would characterize them as tired landlords. Sometimes they have only owned their assets […]

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Have a Trophy Asset/s and Sell Off Other Assets for Financial Independence (Retirement)

I have seen investors that have one property that has a really high cash flow. Sometimes it’s a large apartment building that is full of student rentals other times it […]

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Refinance Assets Annually from your Property Portfolio for Financial Independence (Retirement)

The investor that is using this strategy is looking to have a portfolio of apartment buildings and as each of those apartment buildings increases in value when those assets are […]

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Invest in Other People’s Deals for Growth for Financial Independence (Retirement)

Some investors who have created a small portfolio of properties have generated the cash flow that they need but also want to continue to invest in real estate. Typically these […]

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