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Rental Housing Financing Options in Canada: Traditional and Alternative Paths

Securing financing for rental properties in Canada requires a strategic approach, considering both traditional and alternative avenues. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or someone venturing into rental property […]

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Reader Mail: Should I Sell My Condo in Toronto or Keep It?

In this article, we will explore the question of whether it is better to sell a 600,000 condo in Toronto or keep it as an investment property. The investors overpaid […]

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From Nashville to Beverly Hills: A Look at Taylor Swift’s Stunning Real Estate Collection

For over a decade, Taylor Swift has been a dominant force in the music industry, captivating audiences with her irresistible melodies, stirring lyrics, and captivating performances. Her talent has earned […]

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From Car Washes to High-End Real Estate: Shaquille O’Neal’s Diverse Investment Portfolio

It’s common knowledge that many NBA players struggle to maintain their wealth post-retirement, often falling prey to financial pitfalls that result in bankruptcy. But there are a select few exceptions, […]

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Exploring Brad Pitt’s Impressive Real Estate Portfolio: From Los Feliz to the French Quarter

Brad Pitt is a name synonymous with Hollywood royalty. A towering figure in the entertainment industry, with a net worth that exceeds $400 million. But, this man is more than […]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Real Estate Investment Mantra: Vision, Risk, and Discipline

With a net worth of $450 million and a reputation for making smart investments, Arnold’s success in the real estate industry is truly something to be marveled at. Arnold leveraged […]

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Unpacking Ray Dalio’s It Starts With Inflation  – Key Insights

When it comes to understanding the complex workings of the economy, few names carry as much weight as that of Ray Dalio. As the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of […]

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Why Multifamily Property Is A Defensive Counter-cyclical Investment When Compared to Residential Property

As an investor, you’re always looking for opportunities to grow your portfolio and generate revenue. At the same time, you also want to protect your investment. This is why you […]

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The Human Element of Money – Key Takeaways Morgan Housel’s The Art and Science of Spending Money

In his piece, “The Art and Science of Spending Money,” Morgan Housel delves into the intricate interplay between psychology and money. He masterfully illustrates how our spending habits are not […]

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When Creativity, Trumps Contractors

In 2012, my wife and I purchased our first property.  We were new to real estate,  new to hiring contractors and had only a small idea on what labour and […]

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