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From Car Washes to High-End Real Estate: Shaquille O’Neal’s Diverse Investment Portfolio

It’s common knowledge that many NBA players struggle to maintain their wealth post-retirement, often falling prey to financial pitfalls that result in bankruptcy. But there are a select few exceptions, and Shaquille O’Neal is one of them. Apart from his larger-than-life personality on the court, O’Neal has established himself as a shrewd businessman, with a range of investments that have enabled him to accumulate an estimated fortune of $450 million since leaving the sport. From tech firms to high-end real estate, O’Neal has made intelligent investment decisions, with 36% of his portfolio allocated to franchises, 25% to startups, 21% to real estate, and 18% to other holdings, including stocks. In this piece, we’ll explore O’Neal’s wealth growth post-career and examine the investment strategies that have distinguished him as one of the few NBA players to maintain and grow their net worth after retiring.

Initially, Shaquille O’Neal may have been somewhat frivolous with his wealth. As he revealed once, he squandered his first $1 million salary in a mere 20 minutes. However, recognizing his mistake, he made a conscious effort to manage his finances more astutely. So, let’s delve deeper into how he leveraged his athletic prowess and business acumen to amass an incredible net worth of $450 million.

Shaq’s Business Ventures

Curious about Shaq’s business ventures? The man loves real estate and has been a part of some impressive deals, but that’s not all. Here’s a glimpse at some of his diverse projects:

  • Pre-IPO Google stock investment
  • Clothing line launch
  • Ownership of 17 Auntie Anne’s Pretzels locations
  • Ownership of 150 car washes
  • Ownership of 155 Five Guys Burgers and Fries franchises
  • Ownership of 40 24 Hour Fitness gyms
  • Partnership with Las Vegas nightclubs
  • Ownership of a movie theater
  • Partnership with Muscle Milk
  • Partnership with Vitaminwater
  • Partnership with Loyal3
  • Commercially successful album releases
  • Acting appearances in movies and TV
  • Active involvement with law enforcement.

Let’s take a look at some of the real estate he has owned over the years.


Down in the heart of Texas lies one of the homes of a notable figure. Acquired in May of 2022, this dwelling’s final purchase price remains a mystery, though it was initially listed for $1.2 million. Constructed in 2005, this magnificent manse boasts a whopping 5,269 square feet of living space, complete with five bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. An expensive home office boasting a tiered ceiling and fireplace, a gym, a personal screening room, and a spacious three-car garage are just a few of the luxurious amenities this property has to offer.


O’Neal has demonstrated his affection for Georgia by purchasing not one, but three, homes in the Atlanta suburb of McDonough. One of his properties, which he acquired in 2016 for $1.15 million, boasts an expansive backyard that spans over 14 acres and a second smaller home situated by the pool. In total, the property comprises 7,400 square feet, including eight bedrooms and ten baths. For those who enjoy equestrian pursuits, the property also features a three-stall barn with a workshop for practicing the fine art of dressage. The finished basement is equally impressive, with an in-law suite, a 12-seat home theater, a crafts room, and an exercise space. Meanwhile, O’Neal’s other two McDonough properties are no less stunning. The first, a 9,148-square-foot home, boasts five bedrooms and eight baths, and was acquired in February 2020 for $1.125 million. The second, picked up in July 2021 for a modest $387,500, is smaller at 4,635 square feet but no less impressive, with five bedrooms and four baths.


For former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal, his Windermere estate, known as “Shaq-apulco,” was one special abode. With its eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and an impressive list of amenities, the sprawling property was a luxurious retreat for the basketball icon. However, after years on the market and several price cuts, O’Neal bid farewell to his beloved home in October 2021, selling it for $11 million, a fraction of its original asking price of $23 million.

Other Homes

Shaq also has homes in several states across the US. This includes a breathtaking mansion spanning 6,511 square feet in Davie, about 24 miles from Miami. The property, which boasts seven bedrooms, seven baths, a pool, and a home theater, is just one of the many impressive properties in O’Neal’s portfolio. He has owned a five-bedroom, four-bath property in Los Angeles with a pool for nearly 22 years, purchased at a bargain price of $654,000 in 2000. And for when he wants to indulge in the excitement of Las Vegas, O’Neal has a stunning 4,824-square-foot estate with four bedrooms and four baths, complete with a pool, putting green, and a primary bedroom hidden behind a secret door.

Among his many properties, the eight-bedroom mansion on Star Island is perhaps the most notable. With its 20,000-square-foot space and location alongside other A-listers such as Gloria Estefan and Sean Combs, it’s no wonder it sold for $16 million in 2009. However, O’Neal may be regretting that sale, with a neighboring home currently on the market for $77 million.

In March 2014, a rather compact home owned by O’Neal sold for $240,000 in the charming Mount Dora, located just north of Orlando. Surprisingly, this 3,904-square-foot abode boasts five bedrooms and four luxurious baths. Additionally, O’Neal made two notable sales in the coveted Los Angeles region. The first being a lavish Beverly Hills residence, sold for $6.4 million in 2004. The second, a beautiful home located in the equally desirable gated community of Bell Canyon, sold for $1.85 million in 2021.

777 McCarter

Recently, Shaquille O’Neal, a Newark native, has also developed a 33-story apartment tower that is close to being finished. The building, dubbed 777 McCarter due to its location on McCarter Highway near Newark Penn Station, looms over the cityscape much like Shaq once dominated the basketball court. It is made of concrete and brick and boasts 370 studio, 1-and 2-bedroom apartments. To comply with the city’s mandate, 20% of the units are affordable and intended for families who earn up to 50% of the regional median income. The rest of the apartments will be rented out at market rates, with estimates ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 per month, depending on the number of bedrooms.


 Shaquille O’Neal’s journey from NBA superstar to a successful entrepreneur is an inspiring story of determination, discipline, and wise investment decisions. Despite squandering his first million-dollar salary within minutes, Shaq recognized the importance of financial management and learned from his mistakes. Shaq’s financial success story serves as a valuable lesson for all of us, emphasizing the significance of discipline, perseverance, and strategic investment decisions.

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