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Forking over more for H2O

It could cost you a little over $47 more next year to have the clear stuff flow from your taps and the sewage waste carried away from your home.

That is of course, if Regional council approves the 6.4 per cent increase to the sanitary sewer and water user rates staff is proposing.

“We worked hard to cut it down to this,” says Commissioner of Works Cliff Curtis. “It’s kind of a bare bones number.”

Commissioner Curtis says staff was originally projecting an increase of anywhere between seven and nine per cent.

“As our infrastructure continues to age, we’re going to have more and more repairs that we need to make,” he says, adding there are 21 projects in this area proposed for 2012.

One such project is upgrades to the Simcoe Street North Sanitary Sewage Pumping Station.

“This serves Durham College and the lands just south of it…. It’s at capacity so we need to do an upgrade,” Commissioner Curtis explains, adding the total project cost is $750,000.

A watermain is also being replaced on Bloor Street between Grandview Street and Armada Court.


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