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Achieve Your Goals By Facing Your Fears Using These 7 Steps

I hope that you have somebody in your life that can help you to focus on your successes, and not just push you to achieve your goals. I have had many mentors and coaches over the years, which I have truly appreciated.

I had a great conversation with my business coach today. He has many entrepreneur and business owner clients across Canada and the US. What was really special about todays call is that he shared that I am one of few clients that he has ever coached that achieve the goals that I tell him that I’m going to achieve at the beginning of each year. Aside from my other goals, I told him in January this year that I would be investing in US real estate and lose 100 pounds. (Attached is a before and after from Facebook)

I’ve been able to achieve both these goals and more. And often I get the question. How did you do it? My Answer. The first step is to face your fears.

There are a few ways you can do this, and you can apply it to any area of your life.

#1. Have a Compelling Reason Why? – This will help to drive you on those days you want to quit. Maybe there is an affirmation that you say or you use when you are doing the activity. Or maybe it is a saying that keeps you focused. Sometimes it could be a doctor, a spouse or even your children who give you a compelling reason why.

#2. Over-Commit – Commit to peers, family, friends to participate in something big. Talk about it. Tell people you are doing it. Maybe this could be an event like a race or it could be a number of properties. Say it!

#3. Focus on The Next Step – It isn’t about the big goal, it is about doing the next step. Get up and walk for an hour, even when it’s easier not to. Look at mls listings when you are tired, in order to put one more offer in.

#4. Forgive Yourself – All journey’s worth taking have different stops along they way, some not so good. Forgive yourself and start again, see #3.

#5. Act-Don’t Think – Create habits that you repeat over and over again, every day. They will become like muscle memory and you will just do it.

#6 Ask For Help – You will be amazed at how many people want to help you on your journey, but they need to know what you are doing. Seek support, use an accountability partner, and you will get it.

#7 Join A Group – Find others who are doing the same thing as you are makes the journey easier. Why do many people take fitness classes or go to the gym, when they have the same excercise equipment at home? We are social beings. And achieving goals is always easier when people around you are achieving similar goals.

Want a more structured process for achieving any goal that you set in any area of your life. I share specific details in the Action Taker Goal Attainment Program one of the many benefits of Durham REI membership.  Implementing this program will change your life!


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