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Oshawa jobless rate melts in the summer sun

Oshawa’s unemployment rate melted a bit in June, according to Statistics Canada.

The three-month moving average for Oshawa’s jobless rate fell to 7.2 per cent in June from 7.3 per cent in May. It was a 0.2 per cent increase over December 2013 and a 0.1 per cent increase from June 2013.


About the Author Quentin DSouza

Quentin D’Souza is the Chief Education Officer of the Durham Real Estate Investor Club. Author of The Property Management Toolbox: A How-To Guide for Ontario Real Estate Investors and Landlords and The Ultimate Wealth Strategy: Your Complete Guide to Buying, Fixing, Refinancing, and Renting Real Estate. And a Real Estate Investment Coach details at Real Estate Mastermind and Coaching.

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