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4 – BRRR – Buying RIGHT: The Key to the Success of BRRR Strategy

Episode Summary

In this episode of Get Real Wealthy Season 2, Quentin discusses the buying section of the buy, renovate, refinance and rent process. 

Quentin says that buying right is probably the most important part of the BRRR strategy. If you overpay for an asset, you are not going to be able to refinance it for a price higher than the purchase price, and the strategy is not going to work. He adds that you can actually buy at market price, but it will always depend on the market. Sometimes if you’re in a heavily situated seller’s market, the purchase price is a lot higher than what would be considered the previous market price. That can work, if the market price continues to push up over the time of the renovation, but you’re taking a risk if you’re trying to predict or speculate on a future price.

He further says that if you are buying high, in a fast-appreciating market, it can really benefit you, even if you bought it at the market price of today. He says that “my preference is to buy with equity and buying with equity means that you have to work harder in order to find those properties…” He dedicates his time and resources to find opportunities that other people won’t be able to. You can either spend the time and marketing dollars yourself to do it, or you can give those dollars to somebody else and let them do it for you. You deal directly with a broker who has a pocket listing, or you can reach out to wholesalers. 

Talking about the wholesalers’ assignment fees, Quentin says that they charge for the work, time and effort they dedicate to put such deals together. The alternative is going out, spending the time and looking for off market properties yourself. You can do that by reaching out to the people who put up the ‘WE BUY HOUSES’ signs, and asking to be put on their buyer’s list. You can also use other sources like Property Guys or Kijiji. He further adds “create those relationships with those wholesalers…create relationships with realtors and brokers who have lots of listings that match the type of property that you are interested in purchasing.”

In conclusion, Quentin says that when you reach out to them, let them know that you’ve got your financing ready, you have your down payment ready, and you just need the property. Furthermore, create a property scoring system that could help you filter the properties that fit your criteria. 

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