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5-The Importance of Knowing Your “Why” in Your Financial Freedom Journey as a Young Adult

Episode Summary

In this episode of Get Real Wealthy Season 3, Quentin talks about the importance of knowing your “why” in your journey toward financial independence.

Quentin says that there are many ways to achieve financial independence, but one must know “why” do they really want it, and a way to do that is to figure out your real motivation. Knowing your “why” is the key; once you figure that out, you need to permanently put it up somewhere that you can see every day. This will help you get through some of the challenging days.

Talking about the importance of “why,” he further states that identifying the “why” will help you continue to drive, and it will be part of your larger purpose. Most people simply don’t take the time to figure that out, further adding, “it’s going to be very different for you than it is going to be for me, but you need to go deeper. It requires you to take some time, maybe 45 minutes, maybe an hour, to think about this, how to get deeper into what your why is of what you’re doing.”

Quentin says that when you figure out your “why,” you need to permanently put it up somewhere that you can see it every day. This is a deep meaning for your financial independence. It’s not easy for you to be able to do this every day to continue to push forward for your financial freedom. So, your “why” will help you get through challenging days and times. If you have a deep “why,” deeper than money and anything else, that will help drive you to continue to grow and do these goals.

He adds that it is going to help you to continue to drive, and it’s going to be part of your larger purpose. In conclusion, he shares another homework, adding, “I want you to write down a list of 100 items. We can call this a bucket list, you can call it a to-do list…things you wish to do or achieve in your lifetime, 100 items, write it down. you’re going to start off with the first activity. So, this is going to be part of your homework. Make sure that it’s deep, not surface level.”

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