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27 – Why You Should Invest in the US as a Canadian Real Estate Investor

Episode Summary

In this episode of Get Real Wealthy Season 2, Quentin talks about the US investing for Canadian real estate investors.

Quentin shares that he invests in the US, and has a portfolio of both direct investments and limited partnership investments in the US. He says one of the reasons why he is investing in the US, on the limited partnership side is to develop relationships with boots on the ground and different general partners that are in the US is to help him grow his portfolio in a much bigger market. He further adds “By investing in other people’s projects, I’m actually developing some of those relationships that will help me to continue to grow myself…”

He says that it’s really important for him to invest to meet specific goals, and the goals for investing in the US can be the same as the goals for investing in Canada. He adds “for me, I’m investing in the US to hedge against the Canadian economy.” He adds that it is also one of the ways you can protect yourself from any new government policies. Quentin says that another reason is that he likes to make US dollars when he is spending US dollars, especially when he visits his properties and different places across the border.

Quentin further adds that “another reason why I’m investing in the US is future pacing my personal financial goals.” Another reason behind investing in the US is because he understands the process. He adds that from a returns perspective, he disagrees that you can get higher returns in the US than in Canada. It depends on the area, property types, and market you are working in, regardless of whether you are in Canada or the US.

In conclusion, he says that as a real estate investor, you need to decide for yourself if you’re going to invest in the US. What are your reasons for doing it, and is it going to help you to achieve your own financial goals?

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