If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced real estate investor, and you want to fast track building your real esatate portfolio and your profits, hire a coach … BUT


Don’t Hire A Real Estate Coach Before Reading This FREE Consumer Awareness Guide

This consumer awareness guide will make sure you make a smart choice when selecting a real estate investment coach.

And even if you’re not thinking about hiring a coach now, many of the mistakes apply to self-study in the real estate education industry.

Learn what the 12 mistakes are, so you don’t pick the wrong real estate investment coach when you’re ready to accelerate your real estate investing results to increase your wealth, freedom, and security.

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I wish I had read this a couple years ago before I spent thousands of dollars at a popular, yet expensive, US real estate investing course which included coaching.
~ Marcus Price, Oshawa
This guide provides all the thoughtful questions you need to ask in order make an informed decision when selecting a real estate coach.

Investing in a great coach requires an investment in valuable time and money.
This guide will ensure you make a wise decision.

~ James Altilia, Toronto

I highly recommend this guide as a must-read for any real estate investor, new or seasoned, looking to hire a coach.

Quentin gives you the right questions to ask and actions to take so that you can select the best possible coach to help you get to the next level of real estate investing. Trust me, it will be well worth the 10 minutes it takes to read this guide!

~ Amy Halpenny, Toronto

Attending several different REI meetings provides me with a nice variety of networking, support and education. I have been aggressively growing my portfolio over the last year, and as I gain more experience in real estate investing, I now understand that I can focus and accelerate my success strategically by hiring a Real Estate Investment Coach.

But, where to start?

Quentin’s guide to hiring the right Coach sets in motion my search and will definitely ensure I choose the right Coach for me!   Great job, thank you, Quentin!
~ Debbie Gilbert, Barrie