Closing cost Amount
Purchase Price
Professional Inspection
Value Appraisal Fee
Real Property Report (Survey) Fee
Mortgage Set-Up Costs
Mortgage Broker Fees
Legal Costs (includes disbursements)
Staying Power Fund
Immediate Repairs
Immediate Renovations
Land Transfer Tax (ontario)
Land Transfer Tax (Toronto)

Total closing cost

Mortgage & Down Payment Information % Interest Rate Amount Term

1st Mortgage
Borrowed Down Payment (e.g. VTB)
Down Payment

Total Mortgage & Down Payment

Gross Rent Monthly Annually

Unit #1
Unit #2
Unit #3
Unit #4

Total Rent

Operating Expenses % Monthly Annually

Fire Insurance
Property Tax
Repairs & Maintenance
Condo Fee
Mortgage Payment
Vendor Take Back Payment (PI or I)
Down Payment Pay Back (PI or I)

Total Operating Expenses

Monthly Annually

Net Operating Income (Cash Flow)

Return On Investment

Money Invested
First payment Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Year Of Purchase
Forecasted Selling Year
Realtor Fee @ Selling (%)

Amortization schedule

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